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This is a pretty easy process:
1. Enter your email address in the box provided
2. Enter the code in the pop-up box as prompted
3. Once accepted, an email will be sent to your inbox
4. Follow the verification instructions given
5. Done!

It happens, sometimes, that people enter an email address and then change their mind about subscribing.

I've also heard that sometimes, someone will enter the email address for another person without permission. It is for these reasons that second-step email verification is required.

Should you subscribe and forget to respond to the second-step email verification, there are two things you can do:
1.  Find the verification email.  (This might be in your inbox, deleted folder or spam filter).  If you can find it, follow the instructions to verify your subscription.  This option will be available for two weeks at which time, your first registration attempt will be cancelled.
2. If you are outside of the two week window, re-subscribe and follow the directions to activate your subscription.


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     Responsible Referrals

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